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Following our successful legal challenge to York Council's decision to approve planning permission for a 60,000 tonne Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and greenhouse facility in the Green Belt, Peel have resubmitted their plans for the site.

It is anticipated that City of York Council will make a decision on the application at the Planning Meeting to be held on December 19th, so we are asking Supporters to log on to the Council's website to view the documents online.

There are several changes to the application and as previously we have all been given very little time to review the mass of new information but in essence our objections to the development remain the same. Here are some of our own observations:

  • There are no "exceptional circumstances" that justify the scale of this development in the Green Belt.
  • All the buildings on site and the plant and machinery should be removed immediately and a suitable alternative use found for the site.
  • Waste will be transported from the M62 corridor and beyond to be processed in York Green Belt.
  • The level of traffic, including 88 HGV's per day will cause congestion on the A19. We also believe that the new application will allow refuse lorries to drop off their loads directly.
  • The new application claims that there is an "urgent need" for an AD facility but there are many others (including Peel's own site at Kellingley) that are either already built or are at an advanced stage in the planning system.
  • We believe that the recent addition of a large 8MW fossil fuel gas boiler to heat the greenhouses will mean only a very small amount of low carbon renewable energy will actually be produced.

We would urge you to once again register your objections on City of York Council's planning website, so that you need to log-in first in order to then make a comment:

  1. Go to
  2. Register
  3. Search for - 12/03385/FULM
  4. Make a Comment
  5. Check that your views have been posted to the comments section

Alternatively, you can also write to the Officer at the Council dealing with the application:

Hannah Blackburn
Development Management Officer
Directorate of City Strategy
9 St Leonard’s Place
Telephone: 01904 551 553

We hope that we can continue to count on your support, so that we can finally secure the Green Belt that surrounds the villages around the A19.

North Selby Mine Action Group

Planning Permission Quashed For Peel Power Plant

Following the decision by City of York Council (CYC) on 25th April to approve planning permission to turn North Selby Mine into a 60,000 tonne Anaerobic Digestion plant together with 11 acres of greenhouses, North Selby Mine Action Group (NSMAG) considered its options following overwhelming public opposition to the plans.

"We were very disappointed that CYC chose to ignore local sentiment entirely in their original determination and so we opted to seek a judicial review of the decision. As a result of this legal review, it became clear that CYC had acted unlawfully in relation to the removal of plant, machinery and buildings at North Selby and ultimately that led them to making an unlawful decision in approving planning permission. Our legal team found that Council Officers had not advised Members correctly, as UK Coal and Peel should have removed everything from the site in order to assess any potential impact on the Green Belt caused by this proposed development.

Consequently NSMAG and others took CYC to the High Court with a view to quashing that decision. On Friday 13th September the original planning decision was formally quashed." Explained Tim Williams, Chairman of North Selby Mine Action Group.

NSMAG will continue to strongly argue the case that Peel's proposed development is totally inappropriate within the Green Belt and that it does not satisfy the test of 'special circumstances'. We don't believe that there are any 'special circumstances' why this development should take place at North Selby and so we will continue to fight Peel's proposals until they abandon them entirely.

North Selby Mine Action Group.

View the full news story published in the York Press on Thursday 19th September.

Dear Supporter,

Despite 362 registered objections to Peel's proposals for North Selby Mine from local residents, all the Parish Councils in the immediate area, local and county councillors and the constituency MP – City of York Council planning officers are recommending approval of the scheme.

The fact that the application will be recommended for approval doesn't mean that it will automatically be approved but clearly it suggests that unless there are strong arguments against the development, it will.

Peel's planning application for North Selby Mine will be heard by the Planning Committee on Thursday 25th April at 3pm, if you wish to register to speak you must do so by 5pm on Wednesday 24th April.

For more information on the Agenda for the planning meeting please go to:

In order to register to speak at the meeting, you will need to contact the Democracy Officer at City of York Council:

Laura Bootland
Contact Details:
Telephone: (01904) 552062

We strongly urge you to register to speak, to demonstrate to Councillors that the local community is totally opposed to this development in the Green Belt.


North Selby Mine Action Group.

Deadline For Comments On Peel's Application Extended

City of York Council have now agreed that any public comments on the planned waste processing/power plant will be taken into account right up until the point that the palnning hearing takes place.

So far, over 200 people have raised objections, but there needs to be in excess of 300 to make a real difference. So if you haven't had the opportunity to make a Comment yet, please follow the steps below:

We also know that many people have had problems making a Comment and that not all Comments have been published yet on the site. Therefore we would ask you to follow up and double check the Comments section of the Planning Dept website, to ensure that your views have been recorded.

Email address:

Postal address:
Hannah Blackburn
Development Management Officer
Directorate of City Strategy
9 St Leonards Place

Telephone: 01904 551 553

Please find the link to our latest press release

Thanks for your continued support.

North Selby Mine Action Group.

Peel Submit Planning Application for NSM

Peel Holdings and UK Coal have finally submitted plans for an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plant with a 60,000 tonnes per annum capacity and a horticultural glasshouse unit at North Selby.

The proposal outlines their plans to construct 12 acres of greenhouses and a large AD plant that will alter the landscape of the local area surrounding the former mine.

“Hundreds of additional HGV and car journeys on the A19, noise and light pollution and the long term prospect of even further development on the site are the only “benefits” that the local community will derive from this scheme”. Tim Williams Chairman of North Selby Mine Action Group commented.

“Everyone agrees that we need to create less waste and generate more renewable energy but the location of this development is ill conceived, sited as it is within the Green Belt.”

This proposal will result in significantly more traffic on our roads, with HGVs transporting 60,000 tonnes of waste from around the country to North Selby. We remain sceptical about the long term sustainability of this development given York’s plans for Allerton Park and therefore anticipate that Peel will seek to develop the remaining 60 acres of the site at some point in the future.

North Selby Mine Action Group strongly urges its supporters to register their objections against the proposal on City of York Council’s Planning Portal before the end of November and prevent this inappropriate development within the Green Belt. 

Click here to view the North Selby Mine Action Group leaflet containing important information on how these plans will impact you.

Click here to view the planning proposal from York Council's Planning Portal.

If you haven’t already seen the detail behind Peel’s proposals and want to understand the possible implications for you and your local community please view Peel’s presentation slides from the consultations held in Escrick and Wheldrake earlier this year.

Click here to view Peel's Presentation from Public Consultations

North Selby Mine plan generates friction

RESIDENTS opposed to a new green energy site have spoken out about the scheme.

Dozens of residents from villages around North Selby Mine, at Deighton, attended a public exhibition in Wheldrake involving representatives from UK Coal and Peel Environmental to discuss the £23.5 million scheme. It could create up to 100 new jobs with an anaerobic digestion plant, which would recover heat and electricity from organic waste.

The North Selby Mine Action Group said a poll taken at the meeting showed 83 per cent of respondents were opposed to the proposals, with 91 per cent wanting the site kept in the green belt while 87 per cent were concerned the proposal would eventually lead to even further development of the site in the future.

Julian Sturdy , MP for York Outer, said: "The sheer scale and massing of the latest plans and the development of what ultimately remains green belt land are wholly inappropriate. In addition, the distance that sourced waste would have to travel should the anaerobic digestion power plant be approved, and the impact of such traffic on our already congested local transport network, must be taken into serious consideration by City of York Council ."

The development would see up to 88 HGV and 200 car movements every day, which the action group felt would significantly increase traffic and pollution.

David Randon, Wheldrake Parish Council Chairman, said: "Apart from the environmental impacts on residents of the parish who live near to the site, there are concerns about possible future expansion of operations which could lead to more traffic on the A19, in addition to that which will be generated by the current proposals."

Richard Barker, Peel Environmental's development manager, said: "We understand the concerns some people have about the scheme, and we're working to ensure that we have the best possible solution to each of these through the planning process."

View the full story from The York Press, 21st September 2012.

Peel Announce New Roadshow For Wheldrake

UK Coal and Peel Environmental are going to hold their final consultation in Wheldrake on Wednesday 5th September between 1pm and 9pm. The venue details are as follows:,
White Rose House
79 Main Street
YO19 6AA

We would urge all local residents to come to the road show and ask Peel questions about their proposal.

Click here to view the Roadshow Announcement PDF issued by Peel Environmental.


Following on from a public consultation at Escrick Village hall by Peel/UK Coal local residents came, listened and said a resounding NO to UK Coal /Peel's latest scheme - 'an attempt to meet' the planning condition of returning the site back to agricultural by shoe-horning over 12 acres of greenhouses alongside a large scale anaerobic digestion power plant at the site.

Apart from 24hr light pollution from the greenhouses and the noise and smell of a large scale anaerobic digestion power plant - Information supplied by the developers indicated there could be over 70 lorries and up to 200 car movements everyday to the site located at notorious accident black spot on the A19 near Escrick.

At the event NSMAG conducted an independent survey of visitors to the 'public consultation' and found 99% of local residents were against the proposals, with over 92% wanting to see the site remain in the Green Belt and turned back to agriculture or into a nature reserve.

Councillor George Barton said "I sincerely hope that Peel's latest application is not another attempt to avoid their responsibilities… You may be sure that I will be vociferous in my support of residents feelings."

"Wheldrake Parish Council have serious concerns about the proposals. Apart from the environmental impacts on residents of the Parish who live near to the site there are concerns about possible future expansion of operations which could lead to more traffic on the A19 in addition to that which will be generated by the current proposals…" Said David Randon, Chairman of Wheldrake Parish Council.

"The developers have simply ignored local residents and presented a scheme to gain the maximum profit for its share holders at the expense of the local community. The proposals would have a devastating effect on local families, some living just several hundred yards way." said Mark Oldridge spokesperson for the local resident action group North Selby Mine Action Group (NSMAG).

Click here to view survey results of visitors to the 'public consultation'.

Story published 30th August 2012.

Peel Announce Roadshow Date

UK Coal and Peel Environmental are to hold a roadshow on the 14th July at Escrick Village Hall from 10 am to 5 pm.

We would encourage members of the local community to come and ask questions of Peel and to share their views on the development with them.

Members of the North Selby Mine Action Group will be attending also and we would welcome your support.

Email us with your comments

UK Coal/Peel submitting a revised proposal for North Selby Mine

After an extensive period of consultation with City of York Council (CYC), UK Coal/Peel are in the final stages of submitting a revised proposal for North Selby Mine. This follows the Planning Inspector granting an additional adjournment of the enforcement appeal in November last year until September 2012, allowing the developers more time to come up with a scheme for the site.

UK Coal/Peel's latest plan for the Green Belt site is to build a 60,000 tonnes per annum Anaerobic Digestion (AD) power plant and construct 12 acres of horticultural green housing plus offices and warehousing. The proposals state some energy from the AD plant will heat the 12 acres of greenhouse development , where plant propagation will take place. UK Coal and Peel describe this as an "agricultural led development" but in reality this proposal could not be justified without the 2.75MW electricity that they expect to generate and resell through the Government's generous Feed in Tariffs (paid for by you the tax payer).

Therefore our view is that if this is indeed an agricultural centric scheme, then the size of the AD plant should be significantly smaller (around 1MW) and all of the feedstock for the AD plant should be grown within the boundaries of the site. This would then eliminate the daily requirement for 70+ HGV and 50-100 car movements to/from the site. It could also create a truly sustainable, agricultural led development within the Green Belt.

We also object on other grounds and believe that this scheme would be inappropriate for the following reasons:

  • North Selby lies within the Green Belt and as such the site should be protected
  • This scheme will allow UK Coal/Peel to develop more of the site in the future e.g. to apply for planning to process hazardous waste
  • The impact on the environment in terms of HGV's and vehicle movements together with the odours that will be created, are unacceptable.

Story published 12th June 2012.

City Of York Council Agree Adjournment Of Appeal Hearing

We have just been informed that City of York Council (CYC) has agreed to postpone the appeal enquiry originally scheduled for 6th December at Escrick Village Hall.

As you will note from CYC's attached letter, it appears that UK Coal are going to submit a new planning proposal for the site. CYC state in their letter, that they will allow 6 months for UK Coal to lodge an 'acceptable' planning application before they recommence the enquiry process.

We will contact our supporters when we know more about UK Coal's planning proposal for NSM and the dates for the road shows that will precede that application.

Story published 17th November 2011.

Planning Appeal Date Set For North Selby Mine

The Planning Inspectorate has announced that the appeal into City of York Council's (CYC) decision to commence enforcement proceedings against UK Coal at North Selby, will be heard at 10:00am on Tuesday 6th December 2011.

As a reminder, CYC issued an enforcement notice to UK Coal requiring them to remove buildings and to restore the former mine site. This was part of the original planning condition that the NCB and its successors, were obliged to abide by when planning consent was granted. However UK Coal has systematically attempted to avoid restoration at North Selby and many other former mines (see article below). We believe that UK Coal should fulfil its obligation and comply with planning conditions.

Proceedings will get under way at 10.00am in Escrick Village Hall and members of the public are entitled to both attend and express their points of view. We would encourage our supporters to attend the meeting to ensure that both UK Coal and the Planning Inspector appreciate the depth of feeling that exists and the scepticism that the local community has about UK Coal's green credentials.

Please let us know if you're planning on attending and if you'd like to help support the NSM Action Group.

Story published 4th November 2011.

North Selby Mine site appeal is defended

Developers who want to build a renewable energy plant on a disused mine site between Selby and York have defended their decision to appeal against a council order which requires the site to be returned to agricultural land.

View the full story from The York Press, 14th July 2011.

View an earlier publication on this story from The York Press, 8th July 2011.


UK Coal has now lodged an Appeal in an attempt to overturn the enforcement notice issued by City of York Council and ignore the promises made to our local community to turn the North Selby site back to agriculture.

Having failed an initial Environment Impact Assessment to build an incinerator at the North Selby site (just over a mile from the villages of Deighton, Escrick and Wheldrake), UK Coal now plan to build a large scale composting and Anaerobic Digestion plant.

This is despite the development being unsustainable in this location within the green belt. Aside from the loss of amenity due to the smell, experts in the field have advised the scheme will generate in excess of 11,000 HGV additional movements per annum to the site along the A19 - bad news for the environment and York's reported air quality problems. Given the profitability of such a scheme it is highly likely that would just be 'the thin end of the wedge' once they secured planning permission. We could see a further increase in traffic to the site and the eventual introduction of alternative uses including an incinerator.

We appreciate the timing of this is difficult as many of you will shortly be going on your annual holiday - we believe UK Coal is counting on this. The deadline for lodging your objection to UK Coal's appeal is 29th July 2011.

What can you do?

Follow the instructions on our home page and send your responses to the Planning Inspectorate either online or by post before July 29th.

Thanks again for your continued support, North Selby Mine Action Group.

Green energy partners told to clear North Selby Mine site

The owners of a site between Selby and York earmarked for a controversial £30 million energy plant are deciding their next move after being hit with an enforcement notice.

View the full story from The York Press, 5th May 2011.

Peel/UK Coal Reprimanded Over Exaggerated Job Claims

UK Coal and its development partner Peel were dealt yet another blow to the credibility of their plans for a waste Power Station, this time by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). The ASA found that UK Coal and Peel had misled MPs, Councillors and the local community about the possible job benefits of its proposed Waste Power Station in the Green Belt site just outside of Escrick.

"The ASA have recognised the misleading nature of UK Coal and Peels' marketing material for the proposals, which is in breach of Advertising Standards. Once again this demonstrates clearly that UK Coal's attempts to avoid returning the site to agriculture are merely an income generating measure and have nothing to do with creating sustainable opportunities for the local community" commented Tim Williams, Chairman of the North Selby Mine Action Group.

Since failing part of the Environmental Impact Assessment to build an Incinerator at the site the developers have issued a statement of their intent to build a 3MW Anaerobic Digestion and Composting plant. Initial research shows that the revised proposals could lead to an additional 11,000 HGV journeys to site along the A19 and supporting roads per year.

Mark Oldridge of NSMAG went on to say "There are already a number of local facilities very similar to UK Coals plans - it is very clear that there is insufficient waste in the region to support another facility – backed up by Environment Agency figures. This will mean that any waste would have to travel some distance, further increasing traffic and worsening the reported poor air quality levels in the area".

Story published 3rd May 2011.

BBC Radio York interview with NSMAG on the announcement from Science City York (SCY)

Tim Williams from the NSMAG gives his reaction to the news that SCY have announced that they are withdrawing from the scheme. Adam Tomlinson show on BBC Radio York.
Listen to the mp3 extract from the show, 13th April 2011.

Protesters hail 'hammer blow' to Energy Plan as backer pulls out

Campaigners have hailed the revelation that one of Yorkshire's leading development organisations is to pull out of a multi-million pound transformation of a disused mine site as a hammer blow to the controversial scheme.

In a shock announcement yesterday, Science City York (SCY) revealed it is stepping away from the £30m scheme between the country's largest coal producer, UK Coal, and Peel Environmental, to transform the former mine, near Selby, into a green energy facility producing electricity for tens of thousands of homes.

View the full story from The Yorkshire Post, 13th April 2011.

Plans change for Renewable Energy Centre at the North Selby Mine

Peel Environmental, UK Coal and Science City York have today announced changes to the plans for a Renewable Energy Centre at the North Selby Mine site. This includes the departure of Science City York from the project and, in a separate move, the removal of the gasification element from the proposals.

Download the full joint media statement, 13th April 2011.

Science City Exit North Selby Waste Power Station

Following the announcement last month by City of York Council that they were commencing enforcement action against UK Coal for breach of a planning condition to return the former mine to agriculture, UK Coal and Peel Environmental were dealt another blow earlier today when Science City York announced that they were withdrawing from the scheme.

In addition, Peel have also announced that they are no longer going to include a gasification plant in their proposals citing the fact the development would have failed the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). However despite overwhelming opposition for any development at the site they have insisted that they "will press forward with a larger anaerobic digestion facility" at North Selby.

Mark Oldridge spokesperson for North Selby Mine Action Group (NSMAG) commented, "We are pleased that Science City have recognised the weight of public opposition, both to their involvement in the scheme and to the plans for the site generally. Their withdrawal demonstrates clearly that UK Coal's attempts to avoid returning the site to agriculture are merely a cost saving measure and have nothing to do with creating a so called, renewable energy centre."

Local MP's have all expressed their opposition to the development together with the majority of local Parish Councils that border the site. Opinion Polls conducted by Nigel Adams and Julian Sturdy also highlighted that most people wanted City of York Council to enforce the original planning condition that the site should be returned to agriculture, once mining had ceased.

Another of Peel's original claims has now been exposed. In their original plans, which included Science City, they identified that some 100+ jobs would be created and that this would benefit the local economy. The reality is that with Science City exiting there will be very little employment at the site. NSMAG also questions how Peel's new plans would pass the EIA given that the site is located in the Green Belt, very near local communities.

NSMAG has always believed that Peel's plans were a thinly veiled attempt to turn a net liability on their balance sheet into an asset. Peel are not interested in the health of local people, only in how much money they can make out of a redundant site that they should restore to agriculture. Any development on the site is inappropriate given North Selby is in the Green Belt.

Story published 12th April 2011.

Enforcement Action Imminent at North Selby Mine

Supporters of North Selby Mine Action Group (NSMAG) and local residents have just received the news that City of York Council (CYC) has decided to commence enforcement action against UK Coal at the former mine at North Selby between Escrick and Wheldrake. Mike Slater Assistant Director of City Strategy at CYC stated "Matters are in hand for me to authorise enforcement action and for an Enforcement Notice to be served by mid April at the latest".

Mark Oldridge spokesman for the Action Group commented "When the site was originally given planning permission for mining, a condition was attached which stated that the site should be restored to agriculture after mining had ceased. The vast majority of the local community, Councillors, MPs and ourselves have been hoping that York Council would pursue this route which now unites CYC and the whole community against this proposal. Our campaign against the development very much goes on, but we're delighted."

County Councillor Liz Casling added "This news is a positive step in the right direction towards finally seeing enforcement at the mine site. I would urge CYC to deal with any outstanding issues quickly for the benefit of residents."

UK Coal and Peel Environmental have proposed a large "energy from waste" power station on the site that would necessitate some 170,000 tonnes of commercial waste being brought to the site by around 44 HGVs daily. They initially submitted a scoping application in June 2010 and are still to lodge a planning application at the site but the steps that CYC has taken are a clear signal of intent on their part.

NSMAG has campaigned against UK Coal's proposals and has recently sent over 15,000 information leaflets out to households within a 5-mile radius of the site. The Group's registered supporter base now numbers more than 1,200 and many people have made donations to support the activities of the campaign. NSMAG continues to fight the proposals and believes that the site should remain in the Green Belt.

View the full story from The York Press 26th March 2011 and The Yorkshire Post 28th March 2011.

Opinion Poll Results from Local MP's Announced

What does the local community think about the proposals?

Our local Members of Parliament - Nigel Adams and Julian Sturdy both independently wrote to constituents to gauge their views. As you can see from the analysis below the two separate independent surveys show the overwhelming majority of the local community are opposed a 'renewable energy centre' being developed at the former North Selby Mine site. The majority also wanted to see the site returned to agriculture as per the conditions of the original planning consent.

Julian Sturdy Selby Mine Poll Results
Julian Sturdy MP

"It is increasingly clear that local residents are against these proposals and I fully support their view. The proximity of the site to local communities, the potential impact upon local traffic and the disregard shown towards the initial planning conditions all give cause for such concern. In essence, I fear that these proposals will prove to be the thin edge of the wedge."Julian Sturdy, Member of Parliament for York Outer.

Julian's Survey Results*: 82% are against the proposal, 11% are in support, 7% are not sure.

Nigel Adams Selby Mine Poll Results
Julian Sturdy MP

"I have conducted a detailed survey of resident's views and local people are overwhelmingly opposed to the plans and support the return of the site to its former use before mining commenced". Nigel Adams, Member of Parliament for Selby & Ainsty.

Nigel's Survey Results*: Question Analysis - Do you believe the site should be returned to agricultural use as per the original plan 94% are against the proposal, 6% are in support.

*Information collected, compiled and supplied by the constituency offices of the Honourable Members for Parliament for Outer York and Selby/Ainsty.

Download the Survey Results (PDF) from Nigel Adams.

See also 'The future of the North Selby mine site' published on the Julian Sturdy website.

Results published by NSMAG, 6th March 2011.

York Villages Say No To Industrial Waste Power Station

Again York residents came out in force to send a clear message to UK Coal/Peel's planned industrial waste power station in the Green Belt close to the villages of Wheldrake, Deighton and Escrick.

As residents unravelled the glossy PR about a 'Renewablse Energy Centre' it became clear what was actually being proposed was a large-scale industrial waste processing plant with an incinerator generating over 80% of the power. It was proposed 170,000 tonnes of industrial waste from around the region carried on 44 or more HGV lorries everyday would converge on the area along the already heavily congested A19 just to fuel the facility.

Dave Taylor, Green Party Councillor said, "I came to the exhibition at Escrick and was horrified that Science City York is apparently supporting this incineration based project. What might have started out as a Renewables Research Centre is now nothing of the sort!"

Mark Oldridge, spokesperson for the recently established North Selby Mine (NSM) Action Group said "UK Coal/Peel and Science City York will make a lot of money out of processing the industrial waste and selling the electricity generated at a premium – all local residents in this Green Belt will get from this proposed facility is the devastating pollution, the additional traffic and possible health problems that come with it."

"The Parish Council is opposed to any inappropriate development within the Green Belt of Wheldrake and York. The adverse environmental and economic impacts of this proposed industrial development will greatly outweigh any claimed benefits." Commented David Randon, Chairman of Wheldrake Parish Council.

The NSM Action Group undertook its own independent exit surveys at both the Escrick and Wheldrake presentations and found over 97% of local residents were against the proposals.

Story published 18th January 2011.

UK Coal announces new road shows for North Selby Mine

Following UK Coal and Peel Holding's announcement that it will be holding road shows in mid-January, the North Selby Mine Action Group (NSMAG) is urging all of its registered supporters and local residents generally, to attend one of these events.

Mark Oldridge spokesman for NSMAG commented, "we believe that it's critical for people to clearly understand what is being proposed for North Selby and the impact that those developments will have on the local community". He added "we are convinced that once people have seen UK Coal's presentation they will fully appreciate the potential dangers of locating this waste power station so close to villages in York's Green Belt".

NSM has highlighted the health concerns raised by the use of this unproven technology previously at North Selby and has provided detailed information to back up these concerns. To find out more please visit

Members of NSMAG will be present at both road shows and look forward to having the opportunity to meet supporters and interested parties to discuss their views.

UK Coal Presentation Dates:
Thursday 13th January 2011: Escrick Village Hall between 14h00 and 20h00
Saturday 15th January 2011: Wheldrake Village Hall between 10h00 and 16h00

Story published 6th January 2011.

Campaigners step up fight against green energy plant

Residents in villages around the site of a potential multi-million pound green energy facility have shown overwhelming opposition to the plans.

View the full story from The York Press, 6th December 2010.

Clamour grows against 'green' energy plant at former pit site

A protest group formed against a multi-million-pound scheme to transform a former coal mine into a green energy facility is gaining momentum ahead of a planning application due to be submitted early next year

View the full story by Joe Shute from The Yorkshire Post, 29th November 2010.

Secretary of State rejects planning appeal for waste processing on health grounds

The consortium looking to build a waste treatment and recycling facility in Derby has lost its appeal against refusal of planning consent. The facility was to involve a mechanical-biological treatment operation coupled with a 140,000-tonne/year gasification and combustion process using the Energos technology.

In her decision issued on 16 November, the planning inspector for the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government stated that benefits of the proposed facility did not outweigh the negatives. Principally that the contribution to road traffic congestion and exceedances of the NO2 objective in Derby's air quality management area were disproportionate to the possible upsides.

Another factor was residents' fear about health impacts. "The harm to health caused by the emissions from the stack would be undetectable", the inspector concludes, while adding that "local residents' fears about harm to their health is a material consideration of some weight."

The gasification process rejected in the Derby appeal by Shanks is the same as that proposed by UK Coal for NSM, except that the volumes of waste and traffic would be even greater (190,000 tonnes per annum).

Mark Oldridge chief spokesman for the NSM Action Group commented "The decision of the planning inspector is very relevant to our campaign against UK Coals plans for NSM". He added "We are delighted that the Secretary of State's planning inspector had a high regard for local residents health fears in coming to this decision".

"We believe UK Coal's plans for NSM pose a similar risk to the health of people in Escrick, Wheldrake, Deighton and the surrounding area and we firmly believe it should also be rejected ".

View the full story from Environment Analyst, 17th November 2010.
Download the Decision Letter (PDF) from the Planning Inspectorate.

Opinion Poll Results

Local residents firmly rejected UK Coal's proposls for a waste processing plant at North Selby Mine at a road show in the villiage of Escrick on 21st October.

A staggering 100% of people surveyed after the event wanted the site to be retained within the Green Belt. 98% of people were also opposed to waste processing too.

"Steve Smowton, Chairman of Escrick Parish Council commented "It's clear that the local community see no merit in UK Coal's proposals for North Selby Mine and do not want the site to be developed. A rural setting like this within the green belt is a totally inappropriate place to locate a waste processing plant".

Tim Williams spokesperson for the NSM Action Group said "Residents in the area want UK Coal to honour its obligation to return the site to agriculture, as the planning condition states." He went further "Regardless of that this is the wrong technology in the wrong place".

View the full survey results. 4th November 2010.

Mining condition

“I refer to your headline story regarding the North Selby Mine (Selby mine site battle, September 29)...”

View the full story taken from a reader's letter to The York Press, 1st October 2010.

Campaigners hope to block Selby green energy plant plans

A CAMPAIGN has been started to block the creation of a green energy plant on the site of a former mine.
UK Coal and Science City York want to use North Selby mine, near Escrick, to produce electricity from an anaerobic digestor, incinerator and gasification plant.

View the full story by By Richard Harris from The York Press, 29th September 2010.

BBC Radio York anounces the plan for an Energy Centre in the South of York

The proposed plan gets an airing during the Adam Tomlinson show on BBC Radio York.
Listen to the mp3 extract from the show, 15 September 2010.

Consultation Dates for Mine-Site Energy Plans

Plans to create a high-tech centre for the development of 'green energy' in a project that will employ more than 100 people on a former Selby mine site, are to be outlined to the public in the next few weeks.

View the full story by Imogen Foster, Science City York, 4 September 2010.

Other Yorkshire waste project

There have been reports and letters regarding the proposed waste management plant near Boroughbridge which includes a large incinerator plant. This has been proposed to handle waste from currently going to landfill.

View the full story from The York Press, 31 August 2010.

Electricity plant plan for former North Selby mine moves on

Plans to turn a disused mine between York and Selby into an electricity-generating plant which could create new jobs are set to move forward. .

View the full story from The York Press, 30 July 2010.

Traffic anger at plans for former North Selby mine near Escrick

Plans to turn a former coal pithead between York and Selby into a ground-breaking green energy centre have been blasted by local councillors.

View the full story from The York Press, 01 May 2009.

Decision made on former mine sites

UK Coal has been told it must return two former Selby mine sites to agricultural use, following several attempts from the company to leave the land open for development.

View the full story from The York Press, 28 August 2008.